1958 Born in Târgu Lăpuș, Romania.

1984 Graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts Ion Andreescu from Cluj, Sculpture section.

1990 Member of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania.

2000 Distinguished with the Order of Faithful Service in the rank of Officer.


1992  Grand Prize of the Sculpture Triennial in Osaka, Japan.

2020 Mihail Grecu Medal, Union of Fine Artists of the Republic of Moldova.

2018 Constantin Brâncoveanu Award of the Alexandrion Foundation.

2017 Prize for Sculpture of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania.
           Prize of Ministery of Culture and National Identity Award.

2013 Prize of the George Apostu Cultural Center from Bacău.

2011 Ovidiu Maitec Prize for Sculpture at the International Biennial of painting, graphics and sculpture in Arad.

2010 Prize Small Salon Bucharest.

2009 Gold Medal of the Union of Fine Artists of the Republic of Moldova.

2008 Art Museum Trophy of the Art Museum of Moldova at Moldova Salons

2006 Jury Prize of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania.

2004 Prize of the Small Sculpture Salon, Bucharest.

1989 Prize Cenacle of Youth of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania.

1988 35th Atelier Prize in Europe for Romanian Visual Artists.

Solo exhibitions

■ Inaudible – Leilei Gallery, Bucharest, with Florentina Voichi.

■ Sculpture and painting – Dana Gallery, Iași, with Florentina Voichi.
■ Potential and abyss II – Culture Palace, Iași, with Florentina Voichi.
■ Potential and abyss – National Art Museum of Moldova, Chișinau, with Florentina Voichi.

■ Mircea Roman – 30 years of sculpture, Anniversary Exhibition, City Hall, through the Cultural Center of the 1st District.
■ Sacrifice, Fabrica Gallery, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.
■ Uzunov Galley, Bucharest.
■ Sculpture, Ilfoveanu-Badea Foundation, Pitești.
■ The Maker of Souls, Uzunov Rotemberg Gallery, Bucharest. ■ Sacrifice, Batalha Monastery, Portugal.
■ Square sculpture, with Aurel Vlad, National Theater, Bucharest.
■ Pigmalion Gallery, Timisoara.
■ Annart Gallery, Bucharest.
■ Arcade Gallery, Bistrita, with Florentina Voichi.
■ Art Museum, Cluj Napoca, with Sipos Sandor.
■ Rama Drama Trama, Art Museum, Craiova.
■ Uj Kriterion Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc.
■ Bodies and Faces, Annart Gallery.
■ Recycled Nest Gallery, Bucharest.
■ Husks, Gorj County Museum, Târgu Jiu.
■ Galateca, Gallery, Bucharest.
■ The Warehouse, George Apostu Center, Bacău.
■ Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, with Francisc Chiuariu and Sorin Ienulescu.
■ Art Museum, Cluj Napoca, with Adrian Chira and Ioan Sulea.
■ Dezorient Express, Bistrița Pedestrian.
■ 50 + 1 Antique Gallery, Curtea Veche, Bucharest.
■ Smooth, Brâncovenești Palaces, Mogoșoaia, with Anca Mureșan.
■ Dezorient Express, Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest.

■ Museum of Visual Arts, Galați.
■ Anador Center, Bucharest, with Dumitru Cozma and Gheorghe Marcu.

■ Meunier Chocolate Factory Gallery, London.

■ Riverside Studios, London.

■ Romanian Cultural Center, Paris, with Mariana Gordan.

■ Central Point Gallery, London.

■ Sala Rondă, The National Theater, Bucharest with Mariana Gordan.
■ Fracture Fermee, French Institute, Bucharest, with Anca Mureșan.

■ Orizont Gallery, Atelier 35 hall, Bucharest.